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Would you like to learn Spanish, but you don´t have the time to attend a regular Spanish intensive course?

We can offer you a Spanish course for a specific purpose. The content and structure of the course is flexible according to your needs.

This course is perfect for students who have moved to Uruguay and have to work or study during the day and so wish to balance their Spanish studies with their work/study priorities.

We offer one to one or semi-private lessons, tailored to the student´s special requirements. You don´t necessarily need to take lessons every day.

Lessons can be taught at the school (La Herradura), the student´s home or at the student´s workplace during the day, afternoon, or evening.

What kind of course can you book?:

Preparation for a special exam

Preparation for a business trip abroad

Preparation for students starting university in Uruguay

Preparation to obtain your residency or passport document.

If you are interested, please contact us by mail:, or WhatsApp: +59899252781

We look forward to hearing from you!


Hola a todos!

I thought I would give you all an update about a new initiative that has arrived in Montevideo.

An electric scooter service that charges you per minute of usage is now available in Montevideo. In order to use the scooters one needs to download the app Grin from the App store. The first trip you take is free of charge and any trip afterwards will cost you 4 pesos a minute. The company is of Mexican origin and began its operations in the middle east. It has expanded to cover areas such cities as Santiago, Bogota and Rio de Janeiro. The success of this initiative has so far primarily been in South America.

So how does it work? After downloading the app you will be able to see a map of your city displaying the location of all the available scooters closes to you. From there you walk towards one of the scooters and use your phone to unlock the scooter. For this you only need to scan the barcode of the scooter using your camera or enter the code on the scooter into the grin application. Once done you can leave the scooter in the whatever area or return it to one of the Grin stations. Grin stations are places agreed by Grin and local businesses where they can store and charge up Grin’s scooters. There are numerous Grin stations dotted around the city. The scooters are designed for short trips, on average two kilometers.

Currently the area of ​​operations extends approximately from Ciudad Vieja to Parque Rodó. Human interaction is not necessary and, in any case, the devices have a support leg that so they can stand by themselves. Their top speed is 25km/h which is fast enough to get around quickly and enjoy the ride at the same time. Unfortunately on my journey the scooter ran out of battery but I did enjoy it a lot whilst it lasted.

Overall it is a very useful initiative which the people of Montevideo have enthusiastically welcomed!


En el Barrio La Aguada se encuentra el Palacio Legislativo, donde están las oficinas de los senadores y diputados del país, el complejo de las comunicaciones y el renovado mercado agrícola. 

Más lejos del centro en dirección noroeste se llega al barrio El Prado, donde se ubica la residencia presidencial, el jardín botánico, el rosedal, una de las iglesias más bellas de la ciudad, “Las Carmelitas” y el predio de la rural del Prado. Leer más

La Aguada neighborhood; here you will the Legislative Palace , where the offices of the senators and deputies are situated,  the communications complex and the renovated agricultural market.

El Prado neighborhood; where the presidential residence is located, the botanical garden, one of the most beautiful churches in the city, “Las Carmelitas ” the Museum of Fine Arts Juan Manuel Blanes, the Japanese Garden of Montevideo, and the “Rural del Prado”.



Expresa continuación de algo comenzado en un tiempo anterior: ¿todavía estás comiendo? 


Que no cambia o no tiene variaciones:
la vida sigue igual.

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El 18 de mayo es un día “feriado” en Uruguay, celebraremos un nuevo aniversario de la Batalla de las Piedras.  Ocurrió en 1811; el jefe del ejército “oriental”, Don Josè Gervasio Artigas, enfrentó al ejército del español José Posadas en la localidad de Las Piedras. ¿Te gustaría saber más sobre la cultura uruguaya? Puedes inscribirte para el curso de cultura. Infórmate

May 18 of every year is The Battle of Las Piedras in Uruguay.  It is a public holiday for Uruguay. The Battle of Las Piedras day on May 18th remembers the history of Uruguayan leader Jose Artigas leading patriot forces to victory against Spain. According to the history The Battle of Las Piedras was a significant step towards Independence for Uruguay.

You are interested in knowing more about the Uruguayan culture? Sign up for our special program: learn Spanish and experience Uruguayan culture




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