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En nuestra escuela puedes combinar tu curso de español con un trabajo de voluntariado. Una chica belga asistió a un curso de español intensivo de 4 semanas y después empezó a trabajar con niños con una leve discapacidad mental durante 3 meses // At our school you can combine your Spanish course with volunteering. A Belgian girl signed up for a 4 weeks Spanish course and volunteered with Children with a small mental disability.

I would recommend to all the people who want to do volunteer work to go and take a look at ICA and see with their own eyes what great work they do and how they try to make the best of each day with the little materials and things that they have and how they bring a little sunshine each day in the lives of the kids. Read more / leer más


Tu también puedes ayudar / You can also help:  infórmate


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