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Hola. Soy yo, Josh. el 3 de diciembre, el instructor, Matías, llevó un grupo de estudiantes norteamericanos y suizos de una excursión al barrio llamado Prado. Es un barrio muy lindo con mucho para hacer. Primero fuimos al Museo Blanes y el jardín japonés al lado. El jardín fue muy relajante y hermoso con muchos árboles, charcos, y koi y el museo tiene varias exposiciones de diferentes tipos de arte incluyendo el arte moderno e histórico. Después, fuimos de paseo en el parque de Prado con su hermosa vegetación, árboles, flores, y otras atracciones hermosas para calmar la mente mientras Matías nos explicó un poco de la historia y cultura de la ciudad. Y para calmar la mente aún más, fuimos a un bar local para probar una bebida llamada la “grappa” y conversamos por mucho tiempo antes de regresar a la escuela y disfrutar del resto de nuestra tarde. Fue una experiencia relajante, educativa, y definitivamente memorable.

Hello. It’s me, Josh. On December 3rd, our teacher, Matias, took a group of students from Switzerland and the United States on an excursion to the neighborhood in Montevideo called Prado. It’s a beautiful neighborhood with a lot to do. First we went to the museum Blanes and the Japanese garden right next to it. The garden was very gorgeous and relaxing with it’s trees, plants, and koi ponds and the museum has many art exhibits including modern and historical art. After that, we went for a walk in the Parque Prado which is a park with beautiful vegetation, trees, flowers, and other things to relax the mind while Matias explained to us the culture and history of the region during the whole trip. And to relax the mind even more, we went to a local bar to try a drink called “grappa” and we socialized for a good while before going back to the school and enjoying the rest of the day. It was a relaxing, educational, and definitely a memorable trip.


La Herradura Spanish school organize a very wide range of activies every week.

Each Monday there are new students starting their course at our school and during the welcome drink the activities will be explained to all our students.

The activities will be published on the activity board in the entrance hall of the school. Students can also give us suggestions for activities, excursions or trips they would like us to organize.

This week’s program


Sunday, August 31st La Herradura Spanish school is organizing a day trip to Minas, visiting Cerro Arequita and surroundings. 

A perfect way to get to know more of Uruguay and practise your Spanish with Uruguayans. More information

Buen fin de semana para todos.


Are you interested in coming with a group of students, friends or colleagues? We can prepare you an all-in package, including Spanish, sports, excursions, activities and accommodation. Contact us for package details, stating the following: number of participants, ages, dates, requirements (number of Spanish classes, other activities, type of accommodation), Spanish level, and special interests or special needs. It will be a pleasure to receiving you at our school soon. Read more


El viernes pasado nuestro profesor Jesús nos llevó a conocer otra parte de Montevideo, a brief description of the tour

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