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Hoy tenemos un día bonito y soleado y por esa razón queremos presentar nuestro pizarrón número 44, para verlo haz click aquí. Nuestros pizarrones los ayudan a guiarse en algunos de los muchos temas que enseñamos en nuestra academia. Si quieres informarte acerca de nuestros cursos mándanos un e-mail a y visita nuestra página web.



At La Herradura Spanish school in Montevideo and Punta del Este beside the large offer of regular Spanish intensive courses, you can also book classes for a specific purpose, such as for your work. The content of the course is flexible according to the individual student, and can be arranged through discussion with the teachers. For example, you may wish to focus on certain areas of grammar, or on specialist language (medical Spanish, business Spanish etc.), or you may choose to study general Spanish through private classes.

At the moment we have a Russian student, looking for a job in Uruguay. He is a mechanic. Our teacher Juan is teaching him the necesarry vocabulary.



Sometimes we believe that spelling is not that important when we learn a language, but we have to consider implementing it in the learning process. Reading also is very important to improve the understanding while chatting with the locals.

Aunque a veces creamos que la ortografia no es tan importante cuando vamos a aprender un idioma, tenemos que tener en cuenta que implementándola en nuestro aprendizaje, también con la lectura podremos tener una mejor comprensión a la hora de mantener una charla.




Bonfires of San Juan, the most magical night of the year in Spain. It takes place on the night from the 23rd to the 24th of June, coinciding with the shortest night of the year. San Juan’s origins are really old, when people used to organize their live according to the sun. They were convinced that the sun was losing strength. Therefore, they decided to choose this night to light fires which will give back its strength to the sun. If you are superstitious this is the night when you can make all your whishes and get rid of the bad spirits. Traditionally groups of friends gather in the beach to light a bonfire and have dinner around it.

There are many Spaniards living in Montevide and San Juan is celebrated here as well with the difference that today is the shortes day and the longest night of the year: Hoy es el día más corto del año y la noche más larga

Más información en Español


Conference in Punta del Este, 1-9 de junio 2015

Cuidar los humedales es cuidar nuestro futuro   /    Wetlands for our Future.

Wetlands are among the most diverse and productive ecosystems. They provide essential services and supply all our fresh water. However they continue to be degraded and converted to other uses. Read more

Los humedales están entre los ecosistemas más diversos y productivos. Proporcionan servicios esenciales y suministran toda nuestra agua potable. Sin embargo, continúa su degradación y conversión para otros usos.  Leer más

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