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“Habrá a quien le parezca gracioso el acento andaluz y seco el madrileño, ininteligible el colombiano y meloso el argentino” // There might be people who think the Andulucian accent seems funny, the Madrilean curt, not intelegent the Columbian and sickly-sweet the Argentinian.

Aarón Gómez no sabe si es mejor el acento andaluz, el argentino, el gallego, el venezolano o el madrileño. Sí tiene algo muy claro: “El castellano es un idioma maravilloso gracias a todos ellos”…

Vean este vídeo de un minuto de duración  // have a look at this 1 minute  vídeo



Read more about the experiences of a British student who has attended our program during 4 months. You can read her opinion about the Spanish lessons, Spanish immersion program, Internship and Host family. 

Some of the highlights:

I particularly liked the active approaches of learning that the school encourages.

Overall the teachers were passionate, fun, helpful and most importantly were committed to helping us improve our Spanish.

All of these experiences were invaluable in making sure I had an unforgettable experience during my time in Uruguay.

Other tasks that I was responsible for included creating a questionnaire for use of the customers after the tours

We have made the best memories and it will be extremely difficult saying goodbye to them, however, I cannot wait to come back to visit them in the future!!

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Gracias Lucy, hemos disfrutado de tu estancia con nosotros, fuiste una buena alumna, buena compañera y inolvidable huésped. El equipo de La Herradura te desea lo mejor para tu futuro. 


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