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Hola a todos, soy yo Josh. Hoy, el 11 de octubre, en la escuela de español, la Herradura, hubo una clase de Conversación con el instructor Juan y estudiantes de los Estados Unidos, Francia, y la India. Con la emoción de los estudiantes para aprender más acerca de la cultura y idioma de Uruguay, junto con los conocimientos y experiencia de Juan, conversamos mucho de la cultura de otros países, la historia, la música, los libros, y muchas otras cosas interesantes. También comparamos las características de Uruguay con nuestros propios países. Todos los estudiantes salieron con nuevos conceptos y enriquecieron su experiencia mientras están en este país maravilloso.

Hello everyone, it’s me Josh. Today is the 11th of October and in the Spanish school la Herradura, there was a conversation class with the instructor Juan and students from the United States, France, and India. With the excitement of the students to learn more about the language and culture of Uruguay, together with Juan’s plentiful knowledge, we talked a lot about the customs of other countries, history, music, books, and many other interesting things. We also compared the characteristics of Uruguay with our own countries. All of the students left with new concepts and enriched their experience while they’re in this wonderful country.


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Hola Margo

I hope you are well. I just wanted to send a message to all of you at La Herradura and thank you again for your hospitality during my attendance at the school. Please thank Matias, Mirabel and Juan for me – I really enjoyed their lessons. Also, the trips were a great way of meeting and socialising with new people especially as I was travelling alone.

Within two days of my return to the UK I was waylaid with a bad cold and a nasty cough (probably picked something up on the long flight home) so am only now beginning to feel somewhat better. However, my time in Montevideo and Colonia allowed me to slow down and appreciate the more relaxed lifestyle I encountered and to de-stress. I do think that Uruguay lived up to my expectations and I would like to see more of the country. However, it is a long way to travel and I’m somewhat mindful of the current climate change concerns and my carbon footprint. (How long does it take by boat? he says, jokingly.)

There were still things I didn’t get around to seeing in Montevideo but I think I fitted in quite a lot while, at the same time, trying to just ‘chill’ and live in Montevideo for three weeks. On the final Saturday I walked all the way to Plaza Independencia. I went into that glorious bookshop the other side of the plaza – librería Más Puro Verso – and had lunch upstairs in the restaurant. I was walking back down Avenida 18 de Julio at about 2.30 in the afternoon and noticed that most of the shops were closed – is this normal in Uruguay? It seems strange to a northern European where the shops always appear to be open.

On my last day (Sunday) I spent some time in Parque Rodo – it was a lovely, sunny day and it was nice to see the local people with their friends and family enjoying their leisure time.

I’ve started to look for a Spanish course here in the UK as I really  want to build on what I achieved at La Herradura and the confidence I had to use my Spanish in Montevideo. However, one course I found which would be the right level for me clashes with my work so I’ll carry on looking. 




Hello, this is Josh. Today our instructor Juan took students from the United States and Germany to the museum at the City Hall of Montevideo. It is an interesting place with many historical exhibits including Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Mesoamerican cultures, and subsequently, that of the indigenous people of Uruguay, among others. Examples of these exhibits are artefacts, diagrams, models, timelines, along with another wealth of information. During the excursion, we mainly focused on the Indigenous American cultures. Thanks to Juan’s adept knowledge and facts of the exhibits, it was not only a fun experience, but also an educational one. It was a good chance to learn more about the culture and the region of South America along with learning Spanish.

Hola. Soy yo, Josh. Hoy nuestro instructor, Juan, llevó a estudiantes de Alemania y los Estados Unidos al Museo de la Intendencia de Montevideo. Es un lugar muy interesante con muchas exhibiciones históricas de la cultura egipcia, romana, griega, las culturas mesoamericanas, subsecuentemente, la cultura indígena de Uruguay, y otras. Ejemplos de las exhibiciones incluyen artefactos, diagramas, maquetas, cronogramas, y otras amplitudes de información. Durante la excursión, mayormente nos fijamos en las culturas mesoamericanas. Gracias a los ricos conocimientos y información de las exhibiciones que tiene Juan, no solamente fue una experiencia divertida sino una educativa también. Fue una buena oportunidad para aprender más acerca de la cultura e historia de América Latina junto con aprender más español también.


Hola a todos!

We at La herradura hope you are all doing great!

On the 1st of May the students of La Herradura paid a trip to the countryside of Montevideo to visit the house currently inhabited by Rebecca. This was a Wednesday but the 1st of May is always a working holiday for the people of Uruguay so there were no classes. We were driven to the countryside by our teacher Mathias in his car and by one of our students from Brazil, who also happened to have his car with him here as well.

After around 1 and a half hours of driving we arrived at the charming house in the middle of the countryside. The first thing you were able to sense was how completely isolated and surrounded by nature you were. There were no shops nearby, just  lush green fields, Rebecca’s dogs and a multitude of horses. When we arrived Margo’s husband Roberto had already started frying the meat for the asado (traditional Uruguayan BBQ) that had been organised for the pupils of La Herradura. The cuts of meat served primarily came from cows, of which there are no shortage in the countryside. Uruguayan meat however is unique in its preparation as it does not need importing and it is not processed as in the west. It is exemplary fresh and you can taste this fact from your first bite of the meat. My personal favourite was the chorizo that was served however it was all very tasty. There was also no shortage of drinks either, with everything from beer, wine, whiskey, soft drinks and of course water on offer.

After having eaten we went to go visit Rebecca’s group of horses. They were magnificent creatures of huge, overbearing stature but friendly enough to allow you to approach them. The horses and dogs however did not get on that well as the dogs attempted to provoke them with the horses responding in kind to their provocative behaviour. After this we returned to the house and sat on the deck chairs in the garden gazing over the fields at the horizon, enjoying the fresh countryside air whilst soaking up the crisp autumn sun. Gabriel, one of our Brazilian students had brought along his guitar so him and Mathias took it in turns to perform classic songs from their respective countries, Argentina and Brazil. After this Rebecca and I played a game of pool which became unexpectedly competitive. Unfortunately Rebecca lost the game and was not best pleased. Luckily for her there was more than enough alcohol available to cheer her up.

For a place so isolated, to our surprise there was a shack nearby which was used as the local bar. It was very traditionally uruguayan, decorated with posters of uruguayan football teams and ornaments from the countryside. Here we stayed for a quite a while, playing some more pool and enjoying the atmosphere whilst simultaneously watching the champions league semi-final which was being shown on a TV in the corner of the bar. All the students were very content with this experience and were pleased to have made the most of their free day. Below are some photos 🙂


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