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Hello, this is Josh. Today our instructor Juan took students from the United States and Germany to the museum at the City Hall of Montevideo. It is an interesting place with many historical exhibits including Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Mesoamerican cultures, and subsequently, that of the indigenous people of Uruguay, among others. Examples of these exhibits are artefacts, diagrams, models, timelines, along with another wealth of information. During the excursion, we mainly focused on the Indigenous American cultures. Thanks to Juan’s adept knowledge and facts of the exhibits, it was not only a fun experience, but also an educational one. It was a good chance to learn more about the culture and the region of South America along with learning Spanish.

Hola. Soy yo, Josh. Hoy nuestro instructor, Juan, llevó a estudiantes de Alemania y los Estados Unidos al Museo de la Intendencia de Montevideo. Es un lugar muy interesante con muchas exhibiciones históricas de la cultura egipcia, romana, griega, las culturas mesoamericanas, subsecuentemente, la cultura indígena de Uruguay, y otras. Ejemplos de las exhibiciones incluyen artefactos, diagramas, maquetas, cronogramas, y otras amplitudes de información. Durante la excursión, mayormente nos fijamos en las culturas mesoamericanas. Gracias a los ricos conocimientos y información de las exhibiciones que tiene Juan, no solamente fue una experiencia divertida sino una educativa también. Fue una buena oportunidad para aprender más acerca de la cultura e historia de América Latina junto con aprender más español también.


There are many old bars with a larga history in Montevideo. Those bars are great to meat locals and enjoy a drink while practising your Spanish. We have selected some for you and the description is in Spanish, if you should have any questions, you can always contact us. More information



There are many festivals, activities organized in the different departments of Uruguay.  Below you will find some of the most popular ones selected by month. 


Do you know of any other, please let us know, we appreciate your personal feed back.  You can send us a mail:


Cooking lessons are part of the program at our school and  it now seems that a popular recipe “pastel de carne”  is  even made in the home country of students.  We wonder if we should we ask the rights???                                                                                               

Thanks Diane, Mark and Liz for sharing this picture with us, it looks great!!

Un fuerte abrazo del equipo de “La Herradura”.


At 3pm we will leave from the school with our teacher Jesús to explore another interesting area of Montevideo, Barrio Reus.

A perfect way to get to know different parts of the city and practise your Spanish. Visit our blog for more information

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