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En nuestra escuela puedes combinar tu curso de español con un trabajo de voluntariado. Una chica belga asistió a un curso de español intensivo de 4 semanas y después empezó a trabajar con niños con una leve discapacidad mental durante 3 meses // At our school you can combine your Spanish course with volunteering. A Belgian girl signed up for a 4 weeks Spanish course and volunteered with Children with a small mental disability.

I would recommend to all the people who want to do volunteer work to go and take a look at ICA and see with their own eyes what great work they do and how they try to make the best of each day with the little materials and things that they have and how they bring a little sunshine each day in the lives of the kids. Read more / leer más


Tu también puedes ayudar / You can also help:  infórmate



El viernes pasado La Herradura asistió a la fiesta de inauguración de la nueva casa en el campo de nuestros “Niños de la ICA”. Las Friday, La Herradura was invited to the opening of the new estableshment in the country side.

La organización de este proyecto está muy agradecido por la ayuda que reciben de los estudiantes de La Herradura. The help of  La Herradura students is very much apreciated by the organization of this project.

Gracias a los cientos de estudiantes que ayudaron en la donación de ropa, regalos, artículos y sobre todo por su cariño que tanto necesitan estos niños y jóvenes. Thanks to all the students who dontated clothes, articles and their love so much needed by these children and young adults


work of the Children and young adults with small mental disability


Are you interested in this volunteer project? Read more





A new intern started working at the La Herradura Enseñaza de Español in Montevideo last month and they will be working until the start of May. They’re now approaching the mid-way point of their internship so they have posted the first entry to their own blog, which is an informative account on everything they have done and experienced so far.

Click here to read the first blog entry!

There are many voluntary options available to students at La Herradura and one of which is the internship at the Spanish school itself. It allows you to combine an intensive language course with valuable work experience in a small friendly team in the school’s office. Click here to see a list of our volunteering options.


Techo, is a Latin-American organisation founded in Chile in 1997.  A group of young university students, felt compelled to challenge the extreme poverty in which millions of people live in precarious settlements.  This week end  16-18 de agosto, 600 volunteers will build emergency housing for 60 families. After constructing emergency accommodation, Techo  begins the process of Social Habilitation and you can be part of this as well. More information

I have arrived at Karumbe just today, and had a great afternoon. I helped treat several sick turtles with antibiotics, vitamins, and saline IV. I just held the turtles, but it was really cool
Then, we had a very special experience with a turtle tagging and release. It was a great day!
Interested, look for more info
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