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Would you like to learn Spanish, but you don´t have the time to attend a regular Spanish intensive course?

We can offer you a Spanish course for a specific purpose. The content and structure of the course is flexible according to your needs.

This course is perfect for students who have moved to Uruguay and have to work or study during the day and so wish to balance their Spanish studies with their work/study priorities.

We offer one to one or semi-private lessons, tailored to the student´s special requirements. You don´t necessarily need to take lessons every day.

Lessons can be taught at the school (La Herradura), the student´s home or at the student´s workplace during the day, afternoon, or evening.

What kind of course can you book?:

Preparation for a special exam

Preparation for a business trip abroad

Preparation for students starting university in Uruguay

Preparation to obtain your residency or passport document.

If you are interested, please contact us by mail:, or WhatsApp: +59899252781

We look forward to hearing from you!

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