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At La Herradura you can attend diferent volunteer programs. 
A Dutch student is working in the organization who helps Young Adults living on the street.
Read her review (in Spanish!)

Gracias Nathalie por invertir tu tiempo libre ayudando a los que los necesitan!
Thanks Nathalie for spending your free time helping those who need Our help!

Interested in receiving more information on this project, please contact us.

June 19th is not only to celebrate the birthday of José Artigas, country’s national hero referred to as the “father of Uruguayan nationhood”. This public holiday is also known as Never Again Day (Día del nunca más).

José Gervasio Artigas was born on June 19, 1764. At the age of 12, he left school and began to work on a farm. Having come of age, he became a cattle smuggler, which made him a wanted man. In 1797, Artigas began a military career because he was promised a pardon in exchange for joining the army.

Artigas supported the new ideas of the Age of Enlightenment that sparked the Spanish American wars of independence. He took an active part in the Oriental revolution. In 1814, Artigas organized the League of Free Peoples that proclaimed independence from the Spanish Crown the following year and began fighting for it. In 1820, he had to withdraw to Paraguay. Artigas died in 1850 after a long exile.

Uruguayans consider José Artigas a national hero, and his birthday was declared a public holiday. In 2006, President Tabaré Vázquez also declared June 19 a remembrance day called Never Again Day. This date was deliberately chosen to coincide with José Artigas’ birthday. Never Again Day is a remembrance day for the victims of the civic-military dictatorship that lasted from 1973 to 1985

con    but also the day, the Directors of the Schools of the Council of Primary Education will take the Promise to the pupils, whereas in the High School and Technical Schools of the CETP, the respective Directors they take the Oath from Fidelity to the Flag to the students of first year and all those ask for that it specifically or that had not done it previously. In the opportunity, educational in charge of the ceremony will have to raise the artiguista thought, considering especially their use like foundation of the Uruguayan democratic society.

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Ñoquis, el plate de la suerte. Los auténticos vienen de los gnocchi italianos, elaborados con puré de papa, huevo, harina y queso.

Con La Herradura puedes aprender como preparar este delicioso plato: clase de cocina

Bueno provecho y buen fin de semana para todos.



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