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Estás pensando viajar a Uruguay y combinar tu estadía con un curso de español? Lea este artículo de un estudiante de Gran Bretaña que visitó nuestra escuela de español en Montevideo el mes pasado… // Are you planning to travel to Uruguay and combine your stay with attending a Spanish course? Read below an article of a student from the UK, who has visited our Spanish school in Montevideo last month….

Enviado el: domingo, 15 de septiembre de 2019 18:00
Para: Spanish Herradura Info <>
Asunto: Reflections on my trip to Uruguay

Hola Margo

I hope you are well. I just wanted to send a message to all of you at La Herradura and thank you again for your hospitality during my attendance at the school. Please thank Matias, Mirabel and Juan for me – I really enjoyed their lessons. Also, the trips were a great way of meeting and socialising with new people especially as I was travelling alone.

Within two days of my return to the UK I was waylaid with a bad cold and a nasty cough (probably picked something up on the long flight home) so am only now beginning to feel somewhat better. However, my time in Montevideo and Colonia allowed me to slow down and appreciate the more relaxed lifestyle I encountered and to de-stress. I do think that Uruguay lived up to my expectations and I would like to see more of the country. However, it is a long way to travel and I’m somewhat mindful of the current climate change concerns and my carbon footprint. (How long does it take by boat? he says, jokingly.)

There were still things I didn’t get around to seeing in Montevideo but I think I fitted in quite a lot while, at the same time, trying to just ‘chill’ and live in Montevideo for three weeks. On the final Saturday I walked all the way to Plaza Independencia. I went into that glorious bookshop the other side of the plaza – librería Más Puro Verso – and had lunch upstairs in the restaurant. I was walking back down Avenida 18 de Julio at about 2.30 in the afternoon and noticed that most of the shops were closed – is this normal in Uruguay? It seems strange to a northern European where the shops always appear to be open.

On my last day (Sunday) I spent some time in Parque Rodo – it was a lovely, sunny day and it was nice to see the local people with their friends and family enjoying their leisure time.

I’ve started to look for a Spanish course here in the UK as I really  want to build on what I achieved at La Herradura and the confidence I had to use my Spanish in Montevideo. However, one course I found which would be the right level for me clashes with my work so I’ll carry on looking. 




Antes de reservar un curso de español es bueno comparar diferentes escuelas y leer opiniones de estudiantes/ Before reserving a Spanish course it is good to compare different schools and read student reviews.

Para nuestra escuela tu opinión cuenta y siempre se pueden mejorar cosas / your opinion is very important for our school and there are always things to improve.

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Hoy recibimos un poema de uno de nuestros estudiantes brasileros y queremos compartirlo contigo.

Muchas gracias Jurandi por enviarnos este poema tan bonito.

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Entonces, havia una vez! jaja   Puedo decir con seguridad que La Escuela La Herradura fue muy importante en mi estada en Uruguay.

Gracias Bruno por tus buenas palabras, te deseamos lo mejor en tu trabajo en con tus estudios.                                                                               Gracias a todos los estudiantes que compartieron tantos buenos momentos con nosotros. Un fuerte abrazo para todos desde un nublado Montevideo.


Hoy recibimos un regalo muy original de unos estudiantes estadounidenses que pasaron un mes con nosotros. La madera  está sujeto con “herraduras”,  ¡muchísimos gracias! Vamos a buscar un buen lugar para disfrutarlo.  

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