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Every year on the 19th June, Uruguay has a national holiday to celebrate the bravery and achievements of the great General Artigas. He was born in Montevideo on the 19th June 1764 and had a long and active life until he died in Paraguay in 1850 at the age of 86.

General Artigas is an extremely important historical figure in Uruguay. When he was a young man, he had a close connection to the country’s gauchos (cowboys) as he worked on his parents farms and even got into illegal cattle smuggling. The state offered his family a pardon if he agreed to join the military so he joined as a lieutenant at the age of 33. Artigas thought that Gauchos weren’t treated well and therefore fought for their rights throughout his military career and even organised them to fight as Guerillas against the British in the early 1800s. He faced many obstacles but would never give up. When offered a pardon and the position of General and military leader of the Banda Oriental, we was insulted by the offer because Uruguay’s freedom always came first. He fought for Uruguay’s independence and against invasions from Buenos Aires, Great Britain and Portugal over many years. Eventually, Artigas was at war with both Buenos Aires and Portugal and when two of his commanders went into agreements with Buenos Aires and rebelled against him, he had to withdraw to Paraguay in 1820.

On the 19th June 1977, his remains were transferred to the ‘Artigas Mausoleum’ which lies underneath Plaza Independencia in Montevideo, contains two guards and is open to the public. He is considered as a national hero of Uruguay and there are currently statues of him all over the world including Washington D.C (shown below). For more information about General Artigas and the history of Uruguay, click here.




The intern currently working in the La Herradura school office has updated their blog with an entry about their experiences over the last month and a half. It’s nearing the end of their stay in Uruguay so they’re preparing for some difficult goodbyes in just two weeks! Click here to see the entry.

La Herradura offers an internship in it’s school in Montevideo to anyone interested in combining marketing and translation with a free intensive Spanish course. A perfect combination of work and study! Click here for more information about our internship.


The Uruguayan writer and journalist, famous for his book ‘Las Venas Abiertas de América Latina’ (Open Veins of Latin America) which was published in 1971, died of cancer on Monday in Montevideo. He was one of Latin America’s leading anti-capitalist voices. Evo Morales, the capital of Bolivia, said “The world and Latin America have lost a maestro of the liberation of the people”.

The book ‘Open Veins of Latin America’ became a best seller in the US in 2009 when the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, presented Barack Obama with a Spanish copy of the book as a gift to give him an insight into Galeano’s writing. People say that it was a good gesture made cruel by the fact that the book which was given is in a language that Obama doesn’t know. The book speaks about the idea that the impoverishment of Latin America feeds the prosperity of Europe and the US.

During Galeano’s 50-year career, he wrote dosens of fictional and non-fictional works and also worked as a journalist back in the 1960s and 70s. He spoke to ‘The Guardian’ newspaper in 2013 about his post recent book called ‘Children of the Days’ and talked about his view that power and wealth is being concentrated in the hands of a few and that “History never really says goodbye, history says see you later”.

For more information, click here to see an article from ‘The Guardian’ newspaper or click here to see an article in Spanish on our website.




There’s a wide variety of things to do in Montevideo this week from boat trips to salsa classes. La Herradura will be running a trip to the ‘Prado’ neighbourhood this Tuesday, which will allow you to be guided by one of our member’s of staff around one of Montevideo’s most beautiful and interesting neighbourhoods. This includes the impressive Botanic Gardens, Japanese Garden, Juan Blanes Museum and more. A must see neighbourhood for anyone visiting Montevideo.

Click here to see our activity list for this week!

This evening, there’s the Integration Festival for Uruguay – Paraguay Cultural Dance. It’s being held in’ Centro Cultural Terminal Goes’, which’s by the corner between ‘Gral. Flores’ and ‘Domingo Aramburú’ streets.

You could head down the the ‘Mercado de Agrícola’ on Thursday evening at 20:00 to see the ‘Dos Guitarras’ live show.

You also have the option to go to Teatro Solís any day between Thursday and Sunday to see ‘Sobre la teoría del eterno retorno aplicada a la revolución en el Caribe’, which starts each day at 20:00. Ticket prices: $280. Students and pensioners: $200.

On Friday, we’ve organised a three-hour boat trip for students interested in visiting the Santa Lucia Wetlands. It includes a trip down the gorgeous Santa Lucia river surrounded by Uruguay’s natural beauty and the opportunity to practise your Spanish along the way!

The famous North American rock band ‘Kiss’ is playing in Montevideo this Saturday in the Parque Central Stadium at 21:00. It’s part of their 40th anniversary tour and tickets are on-sale now!

Don’t hesitate to come down to the La Herradura office in the school for any further details!


Sadly, we’ve had to say some goodbyes today to some of ours students who are either heading back to their own countries or continuing their travels. We threw a goodbye party this morning in-between the group lessons by serving refreshments, handing out certificates of achievement and giving them little goodbye gifts. It’s always very difficult to say goodbye but we’re looking forward to seeing what next week has in-store for us.

For those of you looking to make the most of this weekend, here are some suggested activities and events:


Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay

From the 1st – 12th April the third International Cinematographic Festival of Uruguay will be held. It is organised by ‘Cinemateca Uruguaya’ with the support of ICAU (la Intendencia de Montevideo), the Ministry of Tourism, Antel, UTE, Remisat and other public and private organisations, institutions and businesses.

The event will be held in the four rooms of the ‘Cinemateca Uruguaya’ (Cinemateca 18, Sala Cinemateca, Sala Dos and Cinemateca Pocitos) along with Life Cinemas 21, Cine Universitario (Lumière and Chaplin Rooms) and Lindolfo.


Sala Zitarrosa

Nicolás Klisich presents ‘Entrar en el Juego’

Friday 10th April – 21:00

Prices: Advance – $200. On the door – $250

For more information:


María Noel Taranto Show

In the Alfredo Bar in the Sofitel Casino Carrasco & Spa.

Free entrance. Reservations: 2604 0604. Customer Service.

Starting date: Saturday 11th April 2015

Time: 22:30


Limpiando Encontré Monedas Concert

Saturday 11th April – 21:00

‘Limpiando Encontré Monedas’ is a young band that rose up in 2012 when six artists from different disciplines and orientations from outside of Uruguay found themselves in Montevideo. The essence of their music their experimental approach to songs.

Prices: Advance $160. On the door $200


July y Popo Show

A meeting of two generations: Julieta Taramasso and Popo Romana (grand-daughter and grandmother). They’re touring together and performing based on Popo Romano’s 4 albums.

Romano has won the Fabini prize for best bass-player and has formed part of ‘SODRE’s line of double-bass players’, the City Symphonic Band and has performed in the country’s leading jazz festivals.

Starting date: Saturday 11th April 2015

Place: Namasté


La Cumparsita approaches 100 years old

Friday 10th April – 21:00

Main room of Teatro Solís

To mark the week of La Cumparsita, we will present the Tango Orchestra of Montevideo directed by Álvaro Hagopián. Tickets on sale now.

Prices for this show:

Price 1: $500
Price 2: $400
Price 3: $300
Price 4: $250
Price 5: $200


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