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We’re happy to announce that we are now offering a new course especially designed for Expats! It’s a lower-intensity course aimed at long-term students. It would be perfect for people who are staying for several months and would prefer to take their time and balance their Spanish studies with their other responsibilities.

We can teach you the basic vocabulary needed for the whole process of applying for Uruguayan membership or citizenship. Click here to read the experience of an American couple who have been prepared by our teachers for the citizenship application process and were successful.

Are you interested in booking an Expat Course at our school La Herradura in Montevideo or Punta del Este? If so, click here to read more information about the course.

For more information or for any other type of enquiry regarding our school in Montevideo, send an email to:

For our school in Punta del Este, send an email to:



DESEARLE ALGO A ALGUIEN / TO WISH SOMETHING TO SOMEBODY….¡Suerte! ,  ¡Que te mejores! , ¡Felicidades! Hay más en nuestro blog


El “Día del Abuelo” en Urugay se celebra todos los años el  el 19 de Junio.

Es un día conmemorativo dedicado a los abuelos dentro de la familia, un homenaje a esos hombres y mujeres que tanto nos han dado.
Se celebra el 19 de junio, porque coincide con el nacimiento del héroe nacional José Gervasio Artigas



Another perfect way to practise your Spanish with Uruguayans visiting a beautiful part of Uruguay, Sierras de Mahomas


There are many different ways to say goodbye, some of them are confusion, have a look yourself

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