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This week may have been slightly shorter than usual but a lot of Spanish has still been learnt and a lot of friends have been made at the school! As it’s the ‘1 de Mayo’/’Día de los trabajadores’ bank holiday today, we had a our despedida (farewell party) on the Thursday instead of the Friday. We all met this morning in the school’s lounge area for refreshments, photos, a farewell gift from the school for each departing student, certificates and of course, lots of goodbyes.

Amongst those who are leaving today is the British intern who has been working and studying at La Herradura over the last four months. Click here to see her final diary entry. It’s been tough to say goodbye but as always, the arrival of new students is just around the corner and everyone in Uruguay will be able to enjoy the long bank-holiday weekend ahead!


We have a slightly shorter week this week at La Herradura because this Friday is the ‘Día Internacional de los Trabajadores’ (International Worker’s day) or ‘Primero de Mayo’ (First of May). It’s an annual national holiday celebrated on the 1st May and the large majority of Uruguayans will take the opportunity to get away from the city for a long weekend. Popular holiday spots, such as Punta del Este, Maldonado and Rocha will be filled with people enjoying the unusually warm and sunny Autumn weather. Many places in Montevideo will be closed this Friday including the school so we would recommend to tourists to head to other parts of the coastline or other cities inland to see how the Uruguayans spend their holidays but be aware that public transport will get busy! For those of you who stay in Montevideo, you can join hundreds of workers who will meet at the 1 de Mayo Square to celebrate the day in many different ways.

The date was chosen by the ‘Second International’ to commemorate the Haymarket affair, which occurred in Chicago on 4 May 1886. The day is sometimes referred to as ‘Labour Day’ and is celebrated by some countries on different dates. In Uruguay, it is an official bank holiday and is respected by nearly all employers.

There’s also many other events and activities to get involved in this week. Click here to see this week’s activities list!


This morning, a group of students from La Herradura visited a Uruguayan ‘Liceo’ (high-school) during their conversation class. It was a great way for us to both practise communicating with the Uruguayan students and learn about some of Uruguay’s national heritage.

The school was called the Instituto Alfredo Vásquez Acevedo, which’s named after a famous Uruguayan judge and politician who founded the school in 1868 along with other intellectuals. Since 1976, the building has been considered a national historic monument and contains the central library of secondary education, the national history museum and the astronomic observatory.

The La Herradura students received a warm enthusiastic welcome from the Uruguayan students and were shown around the school and told about the school’s history. Many students asked many questions and even spoke to other students and teachers in different departments. It was a successful informative trip which was enjoyed by all.

Click here for more information about the school and the excursion. You can also click here if you’d like to see more pictures taken on trips to this school.


paseo didactico 23.10.13


Every year on the 19th June, Uruguay has a national holiday to celebrate the bravery and achievements of the great General Artigas. He was born in Montevideo on the 19th June 1764 and had a long and active life until he died in Paraguay in 1850 at the age of 86.

General Artigas is an extremely important historical figure in Uruguay. When he was a young man, he had a close connection to the country’s gauchos (cowboys) as he worked on his parents farms and even got into illegal cattle smuggling. The state offered his family a pardon if he agreed to join the military so he joined as a lieutenant at the age of 33. Artigas thought that Gauchos weren’t treated well and therefore fought for their rights throughout his military career and even organised them to fight as Guerillas against the British in the early 1800s. He faced many obstacles but would never give up. When offered a pardon and the position of General and military leader of the Banda Oriental, we was insulted by the offer because Uruguay’s freedom always came first. He fought for Uruguay’s independence and against invasions from Buenos Aires, Great Britain and Portugal over many years. Eventually, Artigas was at war with both Buenos Aires and Portugal and when two of his commanders went into agreements with Buenos Aires and rebelled against him, he had to withdraw to Paraguay in 1820.

On the 19th June 1977, his remains were transferred to the ‘Artigas Mausoleum’ which lies underneath Plaza Independencia in Montevideo, contains two guards and is open to the public. He is considered as a national hero of Uruguay and there are currently statues of him all over the world including Washington D.C (shown below). For more information about General Artigas and the history of Uruguay, click here.




The intern currently working in the La Herradura school office has updated their blog with an entry about their experiences over the last month and a half. It’s nearing the end of their stay in Uruguay so they’re preparing for some difficult goodbyes in just two weeks! Click here to see the entry.

La Herradura offers an internship in it’s school in Montevideo to anyone interested in combining marketing and translation with a free intensive Spanish course. A perfect combination of work and study! Click here for more information about our internship.

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