Spanish and Carnival :: Spanish Immersaion Cultural Program South America

Learn Spanish and Experience Carnival

Experience the longest Carnival celebrations in the world and perfect your Spanish at the same time, through this special Spanish course! You will study in the mornings and spend the evenings and afternoons going to carnival performances of Candombe, Samba and Murga several days per week. You’ll go to performances at the open air Summer Theatre, as well as rehearsals and parades in the streets. You’ll also go to the Carnival Museum to learn about Carnival’s history and to see vintage photographs, costumes and floats from Carnivals over the years. You’ll have the chance to meet important people in the Montevideo Carnival community and you can even get involved in a Carnival make-up workshop. The Spanish classes cover both grammar and conversation and they are taught entirely in Spanish (the immersion method), according to the method established by the European community. In our experience this maximises the learning experience, allowing students to get the most of their Spanish studies. This program includes two weeks of accommodation with a local family, giving you the perfect opportunity to get to know the Uruguayan lifestyle a little better and accelerate your learning by sharing time and meals with your Uruguayan host family.

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