Volunteering in a home for children, adolescents and adults with mental disability

Montevideo / Uruguay


A centre in Montevideo needs your help!! Located in an old house and not too far from the main bus station “tres cruces” you will find this very special volunteer option. Volunteering in this home offers you the opportunity to improve your education skills in a very special way. Approximately 20 persons are living here, children, adolescents, teenagers and young mothers.  Most of them have a mental disability or psychiatric problems. You will experience the gratefulness of the habitants of this house. The daily contact with these kids, adolescents and young adults provides you a completely different conception of enjoying life! It is wonderful to see how they will run after you to give you a kiss or a hug. They enjoy your assistance and you will enjoy being with them!

What is the volunteer’s role?

Participate in afternoon activities, such as reading, social games, hand crafts, home work, etc.  The educators will guide you. During the afternoons or weekends they will visit a ranch outside of Montevideo where they will be in touch with nature, animals and plant vegetables.
Working hours: afternoons. You are very independent, as every minute of help is more than welcome.
You can join this volunteer position while attending the Spanish course.

A few words of our volunteer from Luxembourg: ”It’s a little curly head  sitting alone in a corner just intensively looking into a picture book. She is looking not reading.  She doesn’t seem to notice you when you come to say hello. When you try to give her a soft kiss on her cheek, she will just look at you in the same intensive way she has studied the book and shakes your hand. The curly head is called Dannie and Dannie is autistic. After a few days of visiting her, she will run after you when you are leaving and give you a big hug!”

Spanish course

Volunteers will complete an intensive Spanish course of two, three or 4 weeks at La Herradura school in Montevideo. It is important to reach a good intermediate level of Spanish in order to communicate with the habitants of the home and the co-ordinators.

• Accommodation

• While attending the Spanish course in Montevideo and for a month of volunteering, single room in the school residence with other students from the school. No meals are provided, but there is a fully equipped kitchen. (Double room is possible when students are travelling together).

• After completing a month in the school residence: We will help the volunteer to find a good and inexpensive place to stay.  This may be a room in a shared apartment, with locals or any other option. Prices quoted below can have a special discount if the accommodation is less expensive.


Please note:

• We require a minimum of 1 month for this volunteer position.

• You must be ready to work with basic resources and get involved in a deprived local community.

• Volunteering without a Spanish course is only possible for students with a high intermediate level of Spanish. In this case a registration fee will be charged. Prices on request.

• Double room can only be booked if travelling together with a friend.

• Accommodation in the residence runs from Sunday before the first course day until Saturday after the last course day.

• Volunteers will have the weekends and school holidays off.

• Additional weeks can be booked. Prices on request.

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