Spanish and Tango

Learn Spanish and Experience Tango

This special program combines Spanish classes with immersion in the world of tango. Tango is one of the River Plate region’s most famous exports and the art form is thriving in Uruguay.

You will take Spanish classes with an experienced tango teacher and professional dancer, who is well-connected within the tango community of Montevideo and Buenos Aires. She will brief you on the principles of the music and the dance, as well as on the history and culture of tango.

Beginners will study the basic steps, the hold, the walk, and some key choreography. Those with some dancing experience will perfect their skills, learn and practice new figures, explore different styles of tango and related dance forms such as milonga.

You’ll then put what you learned into practice at Montevideo’s numerous dance halls, which are great places to meet other tango enthusiasts, see expert dancers, learn new steps, and simply soak up the vibrant tango life. You will also have the chance to enjoy live tango music, and a spectacular tango show. You’ll normally go to Spanish classes in the mornings and go to tango classes and excursions in the afternoons and evenings several days a week. 

The Spanish classes cover both grammar and conversation and they are taught entirely in Spanish (the immersion method), according to the method established by the European community. In our experience this maximises the learning experience, allowing students to get the most of their Spanish studies. 

This programme includes two weeks of accommodation in the school residence.


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