1 taza  de harina
1 taza de maicena
2 cdas. de azúcar
1 1/2 cdas. de polvo de hornear
1 cda. de cáscara de limón
150 grs. de manteca
1 huevo
dulce de leche
coco rallado


Hay que mezclar los ingredientes hasta que quede una masa suave, estirar la misma no muy fina. Cocinar en horno caliente alrededor de 8 minutos. No hay que dejar dorar. Rellenar con dulce de leche, y alrededor coco rallado.

¿No tienes dulce de leche? Se lo puede hacer facilmente. Hay que sumergir una lata de leche condensada en una olla de agua hirviendo, sin abrir la lata. Hervir la lata 2 horas y dejarla enfriar antes de abrirla.





Some practical tips from Sharon, who has tested out the recipe!

When I looked up how to make dulce de leche there were warnings that two small holes should be pierced in the top of the can during boiling, to avoid explosion especially with a gas stove! So I did that. There was also a suggestion to place a cloth or rag under the can in the pot of water to keep it quiet, it worked. I made sure the water level stayed between 1/2 – 1 inch below the rim of the can.!

I added semi-sweet chocolate pieces, about 1/2 cup while it was still warm, it melted in beautifully!

In the recipe itself I used 2/3 cup unbleached bread flour and 1/3 cup whole wheat flour and added a Tablespoon of cracked chia seeds. I used a glass to cut the circles (I would make them a little smaller next time ;)). I baked the cookies at 410 degrees F for 6 min, then checked, they did need 2 more minutes. Perfect!

Again thanks, I know this will become a favorite

Thanks Sharon, glad you enjoyed the cookies!


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