Did you know you can now combine studying Spanish with cooking classes? You’ll take Spanish grammar and conversation classes in the morning, then spend 2 afternoons a week in the kitchen with a local cook who will introduce you to the region’s specialities, guide you in preparing a range of sweet and savoury dishes, and talk to you entirely in Spanish!

Crema Catalana

Some of the local delights you will get the chance to prepare and taste:

SPAIN: seafood paella, Spanish omelette, tapas, gazpacho, crema catalana…

URUGUAY: empanadas, meatballs, alfajores, ñoquis, canelones, asado…  

Albondigas de Carne

This is a great way to immerse yourself in the language and culture of your chosen destination, and your Spanish will improve rapidly through constant use and the natural need to communicate. What’s more, you’ll have the chance to enjoy fabulous dishes with a great local cook, and learn the recipes to treat your friends and family when you get back home.



To celebrate the launch of the new course, we’ll be publishing recipes from around the Spanish-speaking world each week on the blog.

¡Buen provecho!


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