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As you may remember I am the marketing intern at La Herradura in Montevideo. I am writing to give you an update on my time so far in Montevideo and South America in general. I have just returned from my travels throughout South America for 2 weeks which included stays in Buenos Aires, the waterfalls of Iguazu and Asuncion, Paraguay. I have grown accustomed to the lifestyle in Montevideo which places a much larger emphasis on time outside of work than Europe and being able to share this time with good friends whilst usually relaxing and drinking Mate together. In fact, I am drinking Mate as I write this!


I have taken the opportunity to travel around south america as much as possible whenever I can. Over the Christmas holidays myself and a friend I made at the school spent New Year in Buenos Aires and then travelled up north to see the awe inspiring waterfalls of Iguazu. I ended my travels in Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay before returning to the school. Buenos Aires offers all that you can expect from a big capital city. There is much to do with numerous restaurants, bars, clubs and tourist attractions. We met people from all corners of the earth from our hostel in Buenos Aires and were able to celebrate the new year’s with them in style. We visited many bars and ended up leaving the club at around 7am. A new year well spent. Iguazu was a completely different experience. We saw the awe inspiring scene of kilometers of magnificent waterfalls raining down upon the ground below it. The humidity there was something I had not experienced before and as a result I was not able to stop sweating throughout however it was definitely worth it to see the amazing natural wonder of the waterfalls of Iguazu.

Paraguay was a little more disappointing as there really is not much to see. The contrasts of the two sides to paraguay was however clear for all to see. On one hand you had a huge 6 floor shopping centre catering to the very rich whilst a few kilometres away people were living in parks in very poor conditions, not being able to afford the basic necessities. This scene was very thought provoking for the both of us and made us truly appreciate all that we have.

I am also trying to explore Uruguay as much as possible as it is a beautiful and highly underrated country. Recently I travelled with another friend I made at the school to Punta Del Este, the famous beach resort of Uruguay which attracts the wealthiest visitors from Brazil and Argentina, Germany and many other corners of the world. I enjoyed this trip a lot because of the beautiful beaches available to me in Punta Del Este. The long miles of pure white sandy beaches seemed almost endless and the water was cold but crystal clear and very refreshing considering the extreme temperatures that persisted that weekend – 35 degrees of calor (heat)! As a result of this I ended up very sunburnt so spent the nearly the whole of the following day in the casino where unfortunately I lost all that I gambled.


I am enjoying very much the work that I am doing at the school. The balance between the spanish lessons that i attend in the morning and the marketing work that i do for the school in the afternoon suits me perfectly. My work includes promoting the school online via all means available to me including the website and the schools various social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Amongst other things I maintain the blog for the school, prepare the monthly newsletter, make sure the website is up to date and functioning correctly. I also research activities and events for the pupils of the school to attend. To find out about some of the numerous activities the pupils of the school have attended you just have to view the other blog posts on the web-page.

Life in Montevideo:  

The great thing about living and working in La Herradura is that there is always something going on and always people from all across the globe who attend the school, who I am able to befriend and hang out with. I have met people from a wide array of countries including Brazil, Germany and America. This has greatly improved my cultural awareness as I have openly embraced the diverse range of people and the cultures that they bring with them. The school also organises many activities ranging from museums trips, asados (BBQs) and excursions to the local Ferias. There is never a dull moment living and working at La Herradura and I have already experienced so many incredible things here which would just not be possible back home in England.

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