I thoroughly enjoyed living at the ranch in Canelones with Ricardo, Nancy and the rest of my host family. It was a week without alarm clocks. Whew! I was able to slow down to the pace of country life. I learned to take a siesta. This was part of my vacation in Uruguay, and it was a perfect break from my normal workday routine.


I enjoyed spending time just sitting on the porch to enjoy the fresh air, marvel at the beautiful landscape and be entertained by the farm animals. Sometimes I would go with Nancy to collect fresh eggs to eat for one of her excellent meals. When it was cold we would stay inside the house and warm ourselves by the fireplace, have coffee or mate, and watch tv or play with the granddaughter who is quite a cutey.


Horses are my favorite animal, so it was a treat to wake up each morning to a view of a herd just outside of my bedroom window. And of course I loved taking time to ride each day. Ricardo is an excellent guide. Sometimes we would ride around the cattle ranch to observe the herds and see features of the massive ranch. Other times we would ride through the neighborhood and perhaps stop to say hello to a neighbor.


Everyone was so friendly and hospitable. My room for the week was comfortable and thoughtfully prepared. I immediately felt at home. Everyone was patient and encouraging as I practiced conversing in Spanish. Paola, a daughter, would take time to share photos with me from an album or website.


I have so many more wonderful memories of my stay. I hope to keep in touch with my favorite family in Uruguay.

Hasta pronto,



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